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1920's and Today

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Welcome to Western Hardware Antiques and Variety

Located in Historic Leadville, Colorado

Open 7 days a week!

Just by walking in the door you feel like you have been sent back in time. From the creaky wood floors to the music of the old west playing in the background (Gene Autry, The Sons of the Pioneers, to the sound track of Oh Brother Where Art Though) this historic hardware store is basically untouched with many of its original fixtures still intact. A wall of over 1,000 drawers preserved with samples of the old contents, original counter tops, nail bins, copper tacks, cases,
wall-paper, etc...

Today, Western Hardware Antiques and Variety is home of over 70 antique dealers and consignors. The two-story, over 10,000 sq. foot building is full of mining memorabilia, bottles, glassware, coins, toys, etc.. Not only does the store sell antiques but it also sells reproductions hardware, jewelry, ornaments,
tin signs, cast iron replicas, flasks, brothel tokens, badges and many more gifts and collectibles.

Contact or Visit us today!

431 Harrison Ave.

Leadville, CO 80461

(719) 486-2213

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