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With over 70 dealers and consignors we have a very large inventory of antiques. Vintage ski's, sleds, kitchenware, furniture, pottery, mounts, pelts, bottles, advertising, clothes, glasswares, magazines, oddities,collectibles, and on and on....

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Drawers from wall at Western Hardware
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Featured Items
A fine tapestry/rug in Rust and Indigo colors
Gorgeous Chalkware Doll
Old Red Wing Crock

Beautiful and Unusual Tapestry/Rug/Throw
Dimensions 5ft by 8 ft..
Fine workmanship $225

Fabulous Chalk ware Figure
stands 15" tall $48
Nice, Early Crock
Believed to be Red Wing
11" with 10" circumference $?
Mining Collectibles
Unusual Miners Lamp
Mercury crock bottle
two miners candlesticks
Interesting Miners "Frog" Lamp

6 1/2" Mercury Crock

1. Miner Candlestick..found in original box $125
2. Wire-style Miner Candlestick, Leadville $68

Western Memorabilia
Old saddle
red safety lantern with red globe
Old Cowboy picture in vintage velvet frame
Late 1880s Saddle by Denver Maker
Double loop w/ a high cantle $395
14" Red Safety Lantern with Red Globe
Rare 10" diameter Cowboy/Hunting
Photo in Vintage Purple Velvet frame
(21 1/2" by 20 3/4") $125
Vintage toys and Children items
old mickey mouse tea set
1908 Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz book
Texaco toy truck
21 PC. mint condition Mickey Mouse
toy Tea Set by Ohio Art CO. 1934 $425
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. book
by L. Frank Baum Illustrated by John R. Neill
copyright 1908 (good condition) $34
Texaco Toy Truck in almost perfect condition 28" long

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